Hair care mistakes to avoid

Hair care mistakes to avoid

Every woman desires healthy and beautiful hair. Sadly, only some of us are those lucky ones. Check which mistakes to avoid and how to properly take care of hair. Here is the list of the biggest beauty sins that you must avoid like the plague.

Mistake 1: improper use of masks and conditioners.

Using a shampoo and mask as one cosmetic is the biggest mistake. This kind of treatment will make your hair dehydrated, greasy, weak and brittle. Improper application of masks and conditioners also affects the condition of your hairdo. You shouldn't apply these products to wet strands. You should leave-in the cosmetic for at least 15 minutes to allow it to work.

Mistake 2: poorly chosen oil in hair oiling.

You must be aware of several crucial things before oiling your hair. There are three types of hair porosity: medium, low and high. You should identify your hair porosity. Then, you can choose a suitable oil. There are saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils. If you know your porosity type and which oil to pick, choose a proper hair oiling method.

Mistake 3: combing wet hair.

Wet hair is extremely prone to damage. Why? It stretches due to humidity, which results in stressed and split strands. Combing wet hair weakens hair structure, causes hair loss and brittleness. After washing hair, wait a moment, apply a conditioner and use a natural bristle brush.

Mistake 4: using shampoos with strong detergents.

Using shampoos that contain SLS or other dehydrating ingredients may seriously damage your hairdo. This kind of substances cause dehydration of scalp and hair, lead to splitting hair ends, disturb the work of sebaceous glands and trigger irritation. Check the list of ingredients before buying a shampoo. Before washing hair, dilute some shampoo with water, and rinse out thoroughly.

Mistake 5: regular colouring.

Colouring and bleaching treatments damage hair and irritate the scalp. What is more, they can lead to weak strands, split hair tips, dehydration, brittleness and hair loss. In order to shield hair from damage, use herbal dyes that are free from ammonia. Cut down on hair dyeing as much as possible. Devote more time to hair care. Use moisturising, reinforcing and nourishing products.

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