Hair oiling for beginners - where did it come from, what is it, why to use it?

Hair oiling for beginners - where did it come from, what is it, why to use it?

Hair oiling

The subject of hair oiling as the best method of hair care is very popular. It has been an alternative for many other treatment. This method is fully natural and helps overcome almost all problems connected to hair and scalp. Used regularly, restores hair's beauty and health. So what exactly is hair oiling and what we really know about it? Let's complete any gaps in the knowledge about such a treatment.

One might think that hair care is not difficult, and it seems that we know a lot about it. It is important to provide essential nutrients to hair, do not expose it to harmful factors and devote at least a brief moment each day, for eg. brushing. Unfortunately, a popular hair conditioner that promises instant effects will not always bring your hair back to its shape from before dyeing or similar destructive treatments.

In this situation, we often reach for hair oils, which are considered to be the perfect replacement for conditioners, masks and concentrated serums. However, our knowledge on the subject is really negligible. There are still many unanswered questions. What is hair oiling? Is coconut oil suitable for all hair types? How long should you keep oil on your hair? How much to use at once? Is every oil suitable for all hair types? Where to start with hair oiling? What is needed for that? Are natural plant oils better than those bought in the drugstore? Will oiling hair effects be noticeable after the first use?

The answers to all those questions are listed below. Beginning with the history of hair oiling, finishing with presenting the most effective way of hair oiling.


In many publications about hair oiling you can information that in some parts of Asia it is the traditional method of care. Where exactly has its origins? Where did the idea for the application of greasy oil onto hair come from? To find out all of this, you need to delve into the history of the region a little bit more.

Where the trend of hair oiling has begun...

Everything had the beginning where the warm sunshine, high temperatures and dry air had negative influence on hair. Let's move to India for a moment - the cradle of hair oiling. Fierce heat and extreme weather conditions in the equatorial region forced women from the Indian province to seek such methods of hair care that will provide stable and strong protection. Such a task has been partially fulfilled by sari, the traditional garment worm by Indian women on their shoulders, which could also cover the hair. Unfortunately, high temperatures cause excessive evaporation of water from the skin and hair, regardless of the thickness and texture of the veil material. Hair became dehydrated and the scalp was prone to irritation.

Indian women coped with this problem pretty well. They began to use natural vegetable oils for skin and hair care. It turned out that they can not only taste great, but also act as a protective filter. Oiling hair has become a daily habit for them. Thanks to this method, they can enjoy long, shiny and strong hair. No wonder that it has inspired the popular brands that now use the power of natural oils in their products more willingly.

The tradition of hair oiling in India.

One of the most popular oils used for hair oiling in India is coconut oil. It a common and available product. It meets the two basic conditions: it is cheap and provides hair protection. Indian women willingly reach for oils that contain a high proportion of saturated fatty acids, because they work well on their healthy and straight hair. Whenever protection is more needed than regeneration, it is the ideal solution. Furthermore, apart from coconut, in India, women use more than 150 different vegetable oils that can be used on their own, combined with other oils, blended with ethereal oils or herbal extracts. They provide balance to the scalp and nourishment to hair.

In countries with slightly different climate, hair oiling must be varied. Not everyone will be satisfied with the results of oil with dominance of saturated fatty acids (those are recommended to only low porosity hair). What is more, inappropriate application of oil will overburden strands instead of improve their condition.


Discover the powers of natural oils and see for yourself that oiling is a method for everyone. Keep in mind that your strands do not need technologically advanced formulas that base on synthetic active substances. All you need to do is to grasp the power that lies in natural oils for hair, point it to your hair and enjoy the effects.

hair oiling for beginners

Hair oiling - what is it?

There is no one definition of hair oiling. No one has described, even briefly, what hair oiling exactly is. Also, there is no dictionary of cosmetic entries that would contain proper explanation of this expression. Fortunately, it is easy to describe, you must simply emphasise a few characteristic features of this method of hair care.

Everything that will help you understand what hair oiling is:

  • It is a hair and scalp treatment done with the use of natural oils.
  • It consist in applying, rubbing and massaging oil into hair and/ or scalp.
  • It requires the use of natural butters and vegetable oils.
  • It can be done at least in two ways: on dry or damp hair.
  • It is entirely natural and safe for hair and scalp.
  • Its main task is to moisturise, nourish and strengthen.
  • Works no only on the hair surface but also inside.
  • Used regularly and for a long period of time, brings stunning effects.

Hair oiling - what for?

Hair oiling is the most delicate and lightest form of hair care. The ideal way to subtly and, at the same time, effectively improve the appearance of hair. If you are wondering "will hair oiling be suitable for me" look at the results from before and after such care. Soon, you will find that oiling hair is a great treatment with at least a dozens of reasons.

Hair must be constantly nurtured to maintain its proper condition. Why not oils? Hair oiling is softer, yet equally effective alternative to the use of conditioners and hair masks. It is safer for hair, because vegetable oils contain only valuable for hair nutrients - vitamins, minerals, phytosterols and fatty acids, which human sebum is constructed with. Natural oils applied to hair will not weigh it down with silicons, preservatives, thickeners and dyes. You will wraps your hair with magical power of natural oils and aroma of nature. Hair oiling is a procedure invented just to take care of hair in harmony with nature and without any risk.

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