Macadamia Oil for Healthy Hair & Skin – Natural Free Radicals Buster

Macadamia Oil for Healthy Hair & Skin – Natural Free Radicals Buster

The secret to its effectiveness is composition similar to human cells, therefore this oil is called “vanishing oil”. Macadamia oil feels like a second skin, working perfectly in accordance with its needs. The oil is composed of high amount of unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that make it a strong antioxidant. It moisturises, protects and rejuvenates while coating skin and hair with a gentle aroma of nature. Macadamia oil (Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil) is ideal for hair and skin needing reinforcement.

Macadamia Oil INCI: Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil

The amount of fatty acids in macadamia nuts oscillates between 59% and 78%, which means that the concentration is really high. Precious macadamia oil is extracted from nuts abounding in fats. Owing to cold-pressing, it keeps all valuable nutrients. Which macadamia oil is the best for beauty purposes? Unrefined, cold-pressed oil which doesn't undergo refining process, of course.

What's the scent & consistency of macadamia oil?

Natural macadamia oil has nutty scent and taste, which is easy to verify, because it is an edible vegetable oil. It is liquid and oily at room temperature. Its colour differs depending on the extraction methods and the part of fruit used – that is why the colour of macadamia oil may differ, ranging from light gold to amber. The differences in colour have no impact on the properties, though. The key is that only cold-pressed unrefined oil keeps the finest quality and the best beauty benefits. Moreover, the best macadamia oil should be awarded a certificate proving its high quality.

Uses of macadamia oil

It is undeniably a vitamin bomb. Macadamia oil contains lots of vitamin A precious to skin, hair and nails. Beside it, there are vitamins B (B1, B2, B3) and vitamin E with antioxidant properties. Macadamia oil also abounds in lecithin, phenols and minerals. On top of all this, it is full of unsaturated fatty acids essential in hair care. Which ones can you find? Macadamia oil contains up to ¾ of oleic acid (omega 9), a little less linoleic acid (omega 6) and trace amounts of other acids, such as saturated fatty acids.

What makes macadamia oil worth using?

  • a rich source of vitamins (including A, E, B1, B2, B3)
  • a large amount of minerals and beneficial fatty acids
  • an ideal post-sun treatment, heals skin irritations
  • has an unusual bio-compatibility with human skin
  • has anti-cellulite effect
  • a brilliant antioxidant and wrinkle fighter
  • rapid absorption
  • skin illumination
  • soft and smooth hair and skin
  • ideal for OCM
  • protects hair and skin against dryness
  • gives amazing effect when added to hair dyes and shampoos
  • keeps hair ends healthy and smooth
  • saves hair from physical damage
  • boosts volume and revitalizes hair
  • tames unruly hair and makes styling easier

Macadamia oil & healing properties

The ingredients macadamia oil contains have beneficial impact on its action. Most of all, macadamia oil helps reduce visibility of scars and heals wounds, but also soothes effects of excessive sun exposure. It is a remedy for variety of skin problems, also the chronic ones. Where do these properties come from? The exceptional biocompatibility of macadamia oil with skin is the key.

Beauty benefits & uses of macadamia oil

The fact that macadamia nut oil is similar to human skin in its structure is a proof that this oil has great use in cosmetology. Macadamia oil is truly versatile so it is often used in the production of cosmetics for skin (e.g. anti cellulite) as well as hair. The highest quality macadamia oil can be also found in Nanoil for medium porosity hair. This blend of oils is a perfect solution for people who expect the best macadamia oil effect. In this ready product, the oil's properties are enhanced by additional vegetable oils.

Macadamia oil for use on face

What is the effect of its regular application on skin? Macadamia oil is similar to a quality serum or rejuvenating face mask. It is recommended for all skin types, though it will work better on some than the others. It fulfils role of antioxidant, that is protects skin against harmful impact of free radicals. It prevents premature ageing. Macadamia oil should be used for dry skin lacking elasticity, damaged or irritated by the sun. It's quickly absorbed and weightless so it can replace day or night creams. Natural macadamia oil holds exceptional softening and smoothing properties, and thus it can inhibit wrinkles, iron them out and make skin radiant.

Macadamia oil infographic stating the following: Absorbs immediately, protects against Sun, improves elasticity, regenerates hair

Effect of macadamia oil on hair

If you look for a natural way to hydrate, strengthen and repair hair, macadamia oil is the perfect solution. It absorbs immediately and is hair-friendly. The combination of palmitic and oleic fatty acid makes it similar to human sebum. This allows the oil to control sebum glands and prevent excessive oil secretion. Macadamia oil gives amazing hair benefits because it stimulates blood circulation in scalp, protects against sun radiation, calms irritations and regenerates minor damages in the hair structure. Moreover, it complements hair with precious vitamins and minerals that hair lacks. Macadamia oil used on a regular basis protects hair against water loss, improves elasticity and provides regeneration.

Hair is more elastic, velvety soft and full of radiant gloss after macadamia oil treatment. This means that hair is easier to comb and style, stops suffering from overly oily scalp and is less brittle. Macadamia oil strengthens and regenerates so it makes hair stronger and keeps it from falling out. Hair ends are protected against splitting.

Which hair type is macadamia oil best for?

When taking into consideration the fatty acids amount, macadamia oil ideally suits hair which has medium porosity. On the other hand, it's not a good choice for low porosity hair due to the content of omega acids made up of large particles. It is great for medium porosity hair because it easily penetrates its structure and seals it. Macadamia oil applied to curly hair prevents damage and protects against unfavourable external factors. This is one of the most popular vegetable oils and can be a great option even if you are unsure about your hair porosity.

How to use macadamia nut oil in hair care?

Ideally, in combination with other oils in ready hair care products (for ideal proportions) or for removing make-up using Oil Cleansing Method. It's no wonder that macadamia oil works best on wet hair - water and high temperature accelerate the absorption of oils. It is a game-changing nighttime face serum or daily serum for dry skin. Macadamia oil is a great make-up primer and antiaging treatment. It's going to enhance every bath and works for massage e.g. to smooth out stretch marks and cellulite.

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