Argan Oil – Antiaging Liquid Gold & Hair Heat Protection

Argan Oil – Antiaging Liquid Gold & Hair Heat Protection

Argan oil is called the liquid gold of Morocco for a few reasons. It is one of the priciest and highest-rated oils. Argan oil applied to hair and skin is a solution to the problem of dryness, stiffness and wrinkles. Thanks to vitamin E and an ideal composition of fatty acids, it repairs and provides strong protection from damaging high temperature. Check why argan oil is good value for money.

Argan oil has been well-known in Morocco for thousands years. Today, it is one of the most expensive vegetable oils; valued all over the world. Argan oil is still imported from Morocco because this is where Argania plantations are. Argania (Argania spinosa) is grown only in south-west parts of Morocco that are very clean. These regions are placed on the list of biospheric reserves by UNESCO. This is where every original argan oil comes from. It is one of the reasons for its high price.

Where to buy quality argan oil?

The process of pressing argan oil is still very time-consuming because Argania tree nuts are very hard and it is extremely difficult to squeeze the oil out of them. Popularity of this substance led to the massive production of the oil and now it is produced with machines. Currently, we can buy pure and professionally produced argan oil. It is costly because a huge number of nuts is necessary to press one litre of the oil. The production of this substance requires a lot of time and work. That is why, argan oil is one of the most expensive vegetable oils. The price is adequate to the quality and effects offered by the product, though.

If you want to get the best, pure argan oil, without additives, with amazing effect, choose cold-pressed, unrefined natural oil confirmed by Ecocert label and certification.

INCI Argan Oil: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Argan oil has a really pleasant fragrance. You can smell a very delicate nut aroma. The oil has a fluid formula and golden colour. It is easily absorbed. The colour is darker if argan oil is pressed from roasted kernels.

Argan oil in cosmetics

Women from various corners of the world have fallen in love with argan oil because of its beauty benefits. Today, nearly every woman has argan oil or a product that contains the oil. It is included in most creams, balms, conditioners, masks as well as shampoos and make-up cosmetics. The oil revitalizes, slows down aging process, nourishes and rejuvenates, as well as protects from the outside aggressors. The oil can be found in the best haircare products. Finest quality, original argan oil is included in each of three versions of Nanoil – for high, medium and low porosity hair. Its precious properties make the products work more intensively and ensure heat protection.

What makes argan oil worth choosing?

  • helps fight cellulite
  • reduces stretch marks, discoloration and scars
  • delays aging process, protects against oxidative stress
  • brightens and nourishes skin
  • smoothes wrinkles and tightens skin
  • banishes dark circles under eyes
  • moisturizes skin, locks water in epidermis
  • is suitable for all hair types
  • repairs damaged, rough, dry hair
  • has a conditioning effect, protects, increases shine
  • promotes faster hair growth, blocks hair loss
  • is an ideal face, body, nail serum

Argan oil in skin care

It is a strongly repairing substance that noticeably slows down ageing process. It helps to heal acne, shields against harmful action of free radicals, prevents cellulite, reduces stretch marks, scars and discolouration as well as firms up the skin. If we use argan oil in facial skin care, it eliminates dark under-eye circles and adds radiance. It is also suitable for moms-to-be and infants’ sensitive skin. It can be used as a post-sun lotion, massage oil and cosmetic for flaking skin.

Argan oil in hair care. What does it contain?

It is an excellent haircare product. No wonder argan oil is increasingly popular as a main ingredient of cosmetics recommended by professional hairstylists. Major reason why we should apply it to hair is that it contains numerous precious nutrients. The oil is abounding in vitamin E – well-known as a strong antioxidant; its action is enhanced by carotenoids. Essential fatty acids are the most important, though. Argan oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-6 and omega-9 acids in similar proportion.

Which hair type is argan oil suitable for?

Natural argan oil contains almost the same percentage of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It means that argan oil works for all hair types. It is a remedy for weak, damaged, brittle, rough and dehydrated hair. Argan oil is usually recommended for high porosity hair, which makes sense. The oil also suits medium porosity hair of worsening condition, and low porosity strands that need protection.

Argan Oil infographic stating the following: Strong protection from heat, very nice fragrance, regenerates hair follicle, soothes the scalp

Argan oil – what are the properties & effects?

Cold-pressed argan oil is an irreplaceable heat protectant. It coats hair with a protective layer that reduces the harmfulness of high temperatures. Therefore, use it prior to styling for protection. It excellently strengthens damaged and brittle hair. If we apply it regularly, it intensively nourishes and reinforces hair bulbs. Argan oil has amazing properties – it works inside and outside of hair as well as nourishes the scalp – soothes and protects it, making sure that sebaceous glands work in a proper way.

Argan oil for hair growth

Argan oil is commonly used for treating hair that falls out excessively and refuses to grow. It regenerates hair follicles and thus remarkably inhibits hair loss, which is one of its biggest assets. Argan oil is not the most effective hair growth booster but it reinforces and nourishes the bulbs. As a result, they work more effectively so hair gets longer and denser more quickly. However, castor oil surely tops it in terms of growth-boosting power.

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