Hair brushing revealed. How to match a hair brush or a hair comb to specific hair type?

Hair brushing revealed. How to match a hair brush or a hair comb to specific hair type?

You can be sure that for taking proper care of your hair on a daily basis, the hair it will repay you with its stunning looks. It turns out that apart from proper cosmetics and oils, using appropriate beautifying accessories is also very important. Of course, hair brushes and combs are the essential tools, however, the key is to select the right ones. How to match them to your hair type?

One hair brush is not enough to take care of your hair properly. Especially, if you use a random one, bought in a supermarket. Our hair deserves something a lot better, therefore, women should have at least two different brushes – one for styling and one for brushing.

Hair brushing revealed

Hair brushing – advantages

Brushing is not only a necessity, but also a very important step in our hair treatment. Do not underestimate the fact that combing hair is extremely important in maintaining proper condition of hair and for their rapid growth. Time to dispel one of the popular myths, because brushing the hair is not harmful at all and does not increase hair loss. Regular and proper combing of hair:

  • helps to spread the protective sebum on the hair and remove its excess,
  • is a great way to massage the scalp, improve blood supply and nourish the bulb,
  • provides gentle exfoliation of the scalp and removes dead epidermis,
  • helps to remove dead hair that has fallen out,
  • cleanses the hair and scalp from dirt, dust, dandruff, etc.

How to properly brush your hair?

Here is some information about how to comb your hair, because it turns out, it is not so obvious. Even equipped with the best comb or brush, we can damage our hair mechanically.

How often should you comb your hair? It is assumed that the optimum frequency is at least twice a day. You can do it in the morning and evening before going to bed, preferably for one minute or longer. If we use a hair brush with appropriate teeth, combing can be a nice time for us to relax. The most important rule applies to the direction of brushing hair, which should always be combed from the neck to the forehead with the head down. This way we increase the circulation in the scalp. It is also generally accepted that wet hair should not be combed if we do not have a well-defined comb with broadly spaced teeth. Damp hair is the most sensitive and susceptible to damage.

Moreover, if you are having difficulty when combing the hair, it is best to reach for the help of additional cosmetics. Natural hair oils will allow you comb your tangled hair smoothly without pulling as they make the strands smooth, and add softness.

What guidance to follow when choosing a hairbrush?

Every purchase should be preceded by a detailed comparison of what your expectations with what hair combing accessories are available. You may find useful following the details below. What is important when choosing a hairbrush?

  1. Purpose. A different brush will be needed for combing and another for hair styling, where the round brushes work best.
  2. Material. The most popular is a natural bristle brush such as wild boar or a wooden comb. Be careful with plastic (except Tangle Teezer) and metal accessories, as they may have uneven and sharp edges that damage the hair.
  3. Bristles. The type of bristles is very important, because sharp pointed or such, in which over time the protective balls fall off, can irritate and hurt the scalp. The bristle should be as delicate as natural or silicone, but never made of metal.
  4. Type of hair. The brush must be matched to the type of hair we have. Thick, long, curly, thin, fragile hair requires various care and different types of combs and brushes.
  5. Problems. Choosing accessories should also be related to the problems that affect our hair. For example, static hair has completely different needs - the plastic brush will not work. The same rule applies to hair that have the tendency to oiliness or dandruff.


What is every woman’s dream? A hair brush that does not pull the hair. A comb that gently gets rid of all tangles. Many people seem to believe that it is beyond their reach because they have not yet found their way to accessories that would match their hair type.

The best hairbrush recommended for all kinds of hair is the popular Tangle Teezer. Its silicone bristles perfectly comb each type of hair because they are delicate, elastic and spaced at optimum distances from each other. If we want to comb wet hair, we need to get a wooden comb with wide, thick teeth. The perfect match of the hair to the brush is a much more complicated matter.

A brush for curly hair

Curly hair is difficult to comb because it is usually frizzy, tends to tangle and is also very delicate. For this type of hair, a comb or a brush made of bamboo or wood with broadly spaced and thick teeth will work best. Appropriate distances between the bristles will allow the smooth passage through the curls without fear of breaking, tearing or tangling the hair. The material from which such a brush for curly hair is made is also important. Wood shortens the drying time because it is a natural conductor of heat, and also neutralizes static. A natural bristle brush will provide more accurate combing of curly hair will. However, its density is a great hindrance for really thick and extremely curly hair.

A brush for thin and delicate hair

Thin and delicate hair requires a very subtle care. In addition to strengthening with natural oils and regenerating cosmetics it is advisable to stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp with a suitable brush. The best for thin hair is a thick brush with natural wild boar bristles (this is the most popular type, although we can also find accessories made of other types of bristles). During combing, it provides hair with keratin which is a natural building block for both human and animal hair. This way, combing fragile hair results in their strengthening, and stimulating skin microcirculation translates to better nourishing hair bulbs and inhibiting excessive fall out.

A brush for long hair

Long hair is usually straight and devoid of volume because they are heavier. Combing long hair should be combined with styling. In this case, the ideal tool will be a large and round ceramic brush especially recommended for hair styling. It allows you to lift the hair at the base and add volume. The material from which the brush is made is also important, because the ceramic coating accelerates the drying of the hair without harming it and prevents static. Avoid metal or plastic brushes that can cause hair damage when exposed to high temperatures.

A brush for thick and frizzy hair

The same category includes accessories for hair with a tendency to frizz and the thick ones. In both cases, the aim is to the hair smooth and detangle. Therefore, a great solution is a flat and long brush with nylon or synthetic-natural hair. Using a brush made of wild boar bristles can be problematic in the case of tangled and thick hair because the comb will not want to smoothly glide between such stands. A flat brush of artificial fibres or natural bristles is a better solution. More expensive, but equally effective, is the ionizing hairbrush, which can make the fight for the smoothness, softness of thick hair a lot easier.

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