Multi-Step Face Cleansing Routine. How to Carry It out at Home?

Multi-Step Face Cleansing Routine. How to Carry It out at Home?

Do you know how to clean your face? Thoroughly removed make-up is just is half the battle because, apart from beauty products, there are also dozens of other impurities that keep gathering on face daily. And this is the very reason why it is worth giving multi-step face cleansing a go - a home beauty ritual which will help you feel stunning!

A few years ago, face cleansing was not that high in the hierarchy of procedures which should be carried out to preserve the youthful look of skin. However, in the face of the growing urban pollution problem and dramatic changes in the lifestyle we lead (more stress, following an unbalanced diet, insufficient time to rest), we have begun focusing more on the procedures we follow to cleanse our face skin. We have also started paying greater attention to the how-to of making our faces clean.

Today face care regimen is what matters - so is the face cleansing routine.

Why Is It Important to Cleanse Face Well?

Freeing face from impurities and cosmetic residues is vital, and there are a few reasons for that. The major one is that the impurities, cosmetic products, excess of sebum and dead epidermal cells can significantly disturb the proper functioning of skin. With time skin rebels so you began to notice irritations, sebaceous glands start going crazy causing oily skin which - sooner or later - encourages comedones and acne.

Precise face cleansing is the key to beautiful, radiant and healthy complexion - and it feels so good to have flawless-looking skin.

It has to be pointed out that face cleansing is not that revolutionary. Actually, people have been always taking care of themselves - body and hair cleaning practices were not recognized only as strictly hygiene-related treatments, but also as means of preventing diseases and an easy way to relax. Indeed, this is a good approach to adopt nowadays.

How-To: Ways of Face Cleansing

Although the question on how to cleanse face looks fairly simple, it does not mean that there is just one way to answer it. It turns out that face can be freed from impurities in numerous ways and each should match needs, type and problems of skin that it is currently facing.

  1. Face Cleansing at a Beautician's - if you care for professional face cleansing and you do not mind spending a little bit more of your savings, you can pick and choose among various beauty treatments such as: manual facial cleansing (similar to the one we can carry out at home), hydrabrasion (requires the use of saline solution), microdermabrasion (mechanical removal of impurities and dead epidermal cells) and many, many more.
  2. Home Face Cleansing - for those who are for definitely less costly and at the same time equally effective solutions, it is a good idea to carry out a multi-step face cleansing procedure at home. The cleansing can be performed with the use of natural oils (see oil cleansing method), micellar technology, facial cleansing gels, scrubs and massages, which are sets of beauty products answering your current skin needs.

Step by Step: Multi-Step Face Cleansing Routine

First thing to mention is that this procedure is frequently referred to as a multi-step make-up removal, yet it always indicates the same face cleansing procedure that can be carried out at home. Undoubtedly, it is worth introducing it to your daily beauty ritual if you want to make your skin not only clean but also healthy and young.

How to cleanse skin at home? Multi-step face cleansing routine is really simple and consists of 5 steps that have to be taken in a particular order.


The first step is freeing face from make-up and impurities. This task is handled incredibly well by natural oil that - in line with the general principle that grease removes grease - gets rid of most cosmetics, even the waterproof. Just pick up a small portion of an oil on your fingertips and by using circular motions spread it on your face. Remove with warm water afterwards (you can aid yourself by using a muslin cloth).

The undisputed advantage of oil cleansing method is the fact that you do not interfere with the natural lipid barrier of skin. The conviction that people having naturally oily complexion should not apply oils to the faces is a myth. Natural oils are suitable for all skin types. The issue though is to select the blend that offers the optimal fatty acid balance.

Exemplary natural oils that can be used for oil cleansing method:

for oily skin: jojoba, linseed, walnut
for normal skin: avocado, pomegranate
for mature skin: almond, borage, rose
- for dry skin: argan, grape, wheat germ


This is the stage that can be taken after cleaning face with oil, or instead of it. Basically, it can be skipped too. However, if you want to apply this multi-step approach, it would be better if you did not resign from taking this step. Micellar lotion attracts impurities that oil might not be so good with - it collects make-up residues, dirt and even toxins.

How does it work? Micelles are microscopic molecules able to absorb everything that happens to sit on skin's surface. This leaves face clean and fresh for definitely longer. Additionally, the molecules are exceptionally gentle to dry and sensitive skin. This makes micellar lotions suitable always when other make-up removers fail by leaving skin irritated.


Finally we are moving to the cosmetic that is used by many women as the only one to cleanse face with. Obviously, there are numerous facial wash gels but their task is always the same: make face skin clean by freeing it from the foreign matter. As one of a few, facial wash gel is able to get rid of the hardest-to-remove impurities that may sit on skin.

It is worth realizing that using only facial wash gel to cleanse skin causes its dehydration, irritation and contraction of skin cells. It is caused by detergents that on one hand cleanse just perfectly but on the other hand they are highly irritating for delicate skin. Therefore, in the case of highly sensitized skin, you can focus on the first two stages only.


While exploring the issue of multi-step face cleansing, we should not forget about facial scrubs that are the strongest here. No gel, micellar lotion or oil are able to cleanse face so effectively - only facial scrub is powerful enough to exfoliate the residing dead epidermal cells and encourage skin self-regenerating processes. This is why regular facial scrub application is so crucial.

Note! You must not expose your skin to facial scrubs every day. Such products should be introduced to multi-step face cleansing but applied no often than once a week. Otherwise, they can cause severe skin damage.


Why did face tonifying find its place in multi-step face cleansing? Well, the basic task of this product is slightly different but still, facial toner is also good at freeing skin from tiny impurities that may sit on face. Although it is not suitable to wash face with, it should be considered as a cosmetic that dots the 'i's and crosses the 't's of face cleansing routine.

It is owed to face tonifying that:

  • skin's pH is at the right level.
  • possible irritations are relieved.
  • skin is freed from the last impurities.
  • hydration and nourishing is kept at the adequate level.
  • face skin regains its softness.

How Often Should You Turn to Multi-Step Face Cleansing?

The experts suggest washing face twice a day: morning and evening. However, there is no point in carrying out multi-step face cleansing ritual twice a day, especially when we are short of time in the morning. For that reason, it is advised to perform multi-step face cleansing ritual every evening in order to prepare skin for the nighttime regeneration.

Obviously, some steps can be skipped from time to time. This mainly applies to facial scrub which application should be limited to weekly use.

Overwashing: When You Wash Your Face Too Much

Can multi-step face cleansing ritual harm us?

It might seem that cleansing face too much has negative impact on our skin. Well, this may happen unless you follow multi-step face cleansing. To clarify, a cleansing agent used alone changes skin's pH, removes natural protective barrier of skin, dehydrates and might irritate. This state is called by experts overwashing.

Nevertheless, if we make sure to wipe the face with toner after cleansing to restore skin’s acidic pH, and if you remember to apply either cream or serum that moisturizes and nourishes, you can be positive that your face skin will be stunning. After all, the secret of healthy and youthful look of face is 10 golden rules of face skin care. This is all you need to cross out this scary-sounding overwashing from the list of your problems.

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